ways to increase penis size

If a man's penis is smaller than average, it can cause self-doubt, stress and even depression. Moreover, the myth that it is impossible to satisfy a woman with small masculinity only exacerbates a person’s psychological problems, becomes a serious source of complexity.

That is why more than 60% of men have thought at least once about how to increase their penis size at home and what to do for this.

Key features of fund actions

Men should remember that there are no strict norms for genital length and these indicators are largely determined by the genetic characteristics of the organism. Moreover, if the length of the penis when aroused is less than 8 cm, then this is considered a deviation from the norm

A large number of changes in penis length are intended to increase blood flow to the penis, making it appear larger. Also, some of them increase erection and promote testosterone production, which has a positive effect on human sexual function.

An overview of the most popular tools and techniques

Before increasing the size of his penis, a man is advised to familiarize himself with the most commonly used techniques, namely:

  • Vacuum pump. This device creates a vacuum that increases blood flow to the penis, thus enlarging the penis. The vacuum pump is very easy to use. To do this, place the penis in the cylinder and then expel air from it.
  • Using a special ring. It should be worn at the base of the penis when aroused. This method will significantly increase the penis, as well as prolong sexual intercourse. The only drawback of this method is that after releasing the ring, the penis will be the same. Keep in mind that the ring can be worn no more than 30 minutes, otherwise the person will suffer serious consequences.
  • Penis enlargement with baking soda. This is an old method of people that will help increase penis growth. If done correctly, it is completely harmless.

To increase the size of your penis and at the same time not to harm yourself, doctors recommend not to use some methods that can cause serious complications in a person. In this case, it is better to achieve a lower effect than to endanger your health.


Taking a variety of supplements and other means for untested action can cause hormonal disorders in humans, as well as cause a number of disorders in the reproductive system. That is why uncontrolled treatment with oral agents without a doctor's prescription is considered undesirable to practice.

Hanging load

Weight loss methods promise increased masculinity. The main disadvantage of this method is that it can damage the lining of the penis, causing edema, scarring, and curvature of the penis during erection. This effect is irreversible, so hanging weight is a bad idea for penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement: surgery, better massage and exercise effectiveness

folk remedies for penis enlargement

The most effective and at the same time safe way to change penis size is massage, special exercises and jelqing.

As an additional method to increase penis size, you can use a variety of folk remedies, decoctions of medicinal herbs or infusions.


To perform a massage, you must first apply massage oil on the genitals. This will moisturize the skin and also prevent damage during the procedure.

You need to start the sequence by pulling back the head of the penis. After that, you should stay for a few minutes.

Next, you need to massage the organ along its length. It is best to repeat this procedure daily, trying not to injure, but to stretch it.


The jelqing method is based on kneading and pulling the penis periodically. The duration of the procedure should increase gradually, reaching 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the organs should be massaged so as not to reach orgasm. If one feels that the release is coming soon, this moment should be deliberately delayed.

Penis enlargement in this case will occur due to the load on the organs. A man must act carefully so as not to cause injury.


Using penis enlargement exercises is one of the most beneficial techniques.

The following exercises should be used for this:

  • Lubricate the penis with oil, take it with your thumb and forefinger at the base. Stretch the skin slowly.
  • Gradually return to the base of the penis, then down to the head, increasing grip.
  • Take the penis at the base of the head. Stretch until you feel uncomfortable.

Kegel training penis changes also help a lot.

Receive broth and injections

Men can enlarge their penis at home thanks to the use of special ingredients. The best recipe for this is:

  • Ginseng. It is considered a powerful aphrodisiac that inspires men. It must be drunk 30 drops daily. The course of treatment should be long.
  • Dubrovnik. It is best used in infusion form: take a glass of boiling water for 5 tablespoons of the herb. Drink the finished product in 2-3 doses.
  • St. John's wort. This affects blood circulation in the small pelvis, and also increases potency. St. John's wort should be used in infusion form: take 2 cups boiling water on a tablespoon of the herb.
  • Aloe. Mix a tablespoon of this plant juice with honey. Take three times a day.
  • Sea buckthorn. With weak potency, sea buckthorn juice should be mixed with mummy and drunk in one tablespoon a day.

Using baking soda

Soda contains calcium bicarbonate, which has an effect on blood thinning. Penile enlargement is observed because the blood in the fluid state flows better to the organs of the reproductive system.

There are two ways to use baking soda for this purpose:

  • Lubricate the penis with vegetable oil. Then apply baking soda to the skin. Rub it thoroughly.
  • Take a tablespoon of baking soda and stir in 1 liter of water. Apply the solution to the water bath. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 minutes.

Operations will increase

Today, masculinity can be improved by performing various operations. The most effective are frenum plastics, cutting of the suprapubic area of ​​the ligament that holds the penis, as well as the imposition of special implants that make the organs thicker.

Moreover, in recent years, lipolifting has become more frequent, which is based on the introduction of adipose tissue itself into the body of the penis.

Before performing a surgical intervention, a man is advised to think carefully, as this is a relatively serious procedure that can cause a number of negative consequences in the form of edema, pain, and sexual dysfunction.